Spinning at Ace Hotel DTLA.

Spinning at Ace Hotel DTLA.


Hello! My name is Gabrielle. I currently work as a marketing profession in the Los Angeles area.

In my spare time I host a radio show, DJ around town, and coordinate all kinds of music/art/community events with Honey Power Club.

- About Honey Power -

In 2013 I co-founded Honey Power, a music and arts collective based in Los Angeles that regularly hosts events covering a large range of interests: benefit shows for local non-profits, house parties with surprise performers, art shows, panel discussions and live conversations, DJ nights, a discussion club, and more. Our main goal is to create community, support and celebrate musicians, artists, and change-makers, and inspire thought-provoking conversation. We believe in acting locally to create real impactful change, regularly hosting fundraisers for organizations doing good work in the community. 

We also love to collaborate with local artists, musicians, and small businesses. Oh, and a bunch of us are (mostly) vinyl DJs! So let us know if you need tunes. 

Find Honey Power online:  website / instagram / facebook